Knife For A Knife

by Greyfade

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One of the heavier tracks that deals with betrayal, revenge, and payback.

A very heavy and aggressive song that utilizes some growls while singing to magnify the anger and hatred felt.

Originally the demo was recorded in normal tuning but, while recording, I felt that de-tuning the guitars will give the song more edge.


I won't bite the pain
I won't suffer again
I blame you for it all
I blame you it's your fault

From My vengeance, be afraid
Meet the beast you have made
In my heart, feel the hatred
You have broke that which is sacred

Deed for a deed
And a Lie for a lie
Hell for a hell
And a knife for a knife


This scar will never mend
Thought you were my friend
I won't forget your sin
My wrath will now begin

On this day I take an oath
That your face I'll always loathe
As you gasp your final breath
My name you'll whisper at your death

Chorus x 2

How does it feel?
Just tell me how it feels


released August 18, 2014
Lyrics/Music: Fadi

Guitars/Bass/Vocals/Programming/Producti­on: Fadi



all rights reserved


Greyfade Dubai, UAE

Fadi Helou:

Born in Lebanon on August, 05, 1981.

lived in Beirut, Lebanon.

Currently lives in Dubai, UAE.

Greyfade is born of a passion, a want, and, most importantly, a need to play music.

Welcome to the Greyfade family.

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