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Reaching out to touch what’s beyond. Reaching out to touch what’s deep within. That’s what Greyfade is to me.

If I wanted to Summarize What Greyfade, and music in General, is to me, I would use the above sentences.

Greyfade is love, Greyfade is hate, Greyfade is Sadness, Despair, Bitterness, Rage, Beauty, Ugliness, Rage, Anger, Serenity, Insanity, Peace, Evil…
Greyfade is a culmination of all the contradictory emotions WE feel and Live. Greyfade is Life.

In our lives, we pass through different phases, we feel different emotions. We go through ups and downs, we feel good, we feel bad, we feel happy, we feel sad…WE FEEL…WE LIVE.

This Record is dedicated to all of you who are living, not just passing through.


released August 6, 2016

All Lyrics: Fadi Helou
All Music: Fadi Helou. Except "Somewhere" Music by: Fadi Helou/Mounir Baalbaki/Nasser Shibani and "Save Me" Music by: Fadi Helou/Hadi Sarriedine.
All Tracks arranged by Fadi Helou/Hadi Sarriedine Except "Save Me" by Fadi Helou/Hadi Sarriedine/Mounir Baalbaki and " Betrayal of God" by Fadi Helou/Hadi Sarriedine/Fadi Al Shami.
Fadi Helou: Rhythm/Lead/Acoustic Guitars, Lead and Backing Vocals
Hadi Sarriedine: Orchestration/Keyboards/Drum Programming/Effects/Bass except "Save Me" outro Bass
Mounir Baalbaki: Bass on "Save Me"
Fadi Al Shami: 1st Guitar Solo on " Betrayal of God"
Produced/Mixed/Mastered: Hadi Sarriedine
Artwork Design: Saad Ghalayini



all rights reserved


Greyfade Dubai, UAE

Fadi Helou:

Born in Lebanon on August, 05, 1981.

lived in Beirut, Lebanon.

Currently lives in Dubai, UAE.

Greyfade is born of a passion, a want, and, most importantly, a need to play music.

Welcome to the Greyfade family.

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Track Name: Somewhere

In this world, I believe
There is a place
Where no one can deceive
No one has a face
The book of life opens wide
Unveiling stories
As a I ride with the tide
Free from any worries

Somewhere beyond my sight
Somewhere colored in white
Somewhere where I can scream
Somewhere within my dreams


In this world, where I live
Nothing will change
No one can forgive
Everything seems strange
Haunting screams from the pain
I can not forget
Everyone goes insane
Life is all regrets

Chorus x 2

Bloodshot eyes can never see
Endless cries of misery
Humanity dies from insanity
No more lies, wanna be free


Chorus x 4

Somewhere, somewhere
Somewhere, nowhere
Track Name: The Illusion
The Illusion

On the canvas of dreams
A mirage came to be
I’ve painted what might seem
A shadow that is me

A heaven that is not real
A life that’s not for me
A soul shattered that can not heal
Crushed by reality

Wake me up from this state
Help me find my own fate
Help me see what’s beyond
I’m afraid, I’m not that strong

In my world, the clock stands still
For your world, I’ve lost the will

I’m reaching out, but I can’t find
I now know that, I’m dead inside


Chorus 2
Wake me up from this state
Release me from the eternal wait
Help me see what’s beyond
I’m afraid, I’m not that strong

I’m haunted by my illusion
Incarcerated and left to die
I’m drowning in self confusion
All alone as life passes by
Track Name: The Valkyrie's Cry
The Valkyrie’s Cry

From the distant mountains
Their shrieks pierce your bones
Summoning an omen
Their song carved in stone

Hear the valkyrie’s cry
March to the war drum beat
See you loved ones die
This is our defeat

One thought, one purpose, one goal
No remorse for the lives you stole

Pre chorus 1
They stripped you of all your emotions
Brain-washed you with blind devotion

Pre chorus 1


The home that you so much loved
Has been driven by the flood

Pre chorus 2
Their words are transformed into guns
The end of mankind has begun

Pre chorus 2


From the depth of the earth
Their screams howl in pain
The child blood-stained at birth
Their song forever remains
Track Name: Life in a Box
ife In A Box

Distant laughter, Distant cries
Fading faces, fading eyes
Irrevocable memories that won’t return
A twist of fate and then you turn

Hugs and kisses, ‘till we meet again
A lie to hide away the pain
Hugs and kisses, and a choking goodbye
Oh how quickly does time fly by

All you’ve achieved will soon be erased
An un-dialed contact, your now replaced
When all is said and done and you’ve turned the locks
Did you look back and see your life in a box
Track Name: Invisible Chains
Invisible Chains

We’ve sacrificed our birth right
We’ve denied the will to be free
We’ve paralyzed the dreamer inside
We’ve rationalized this hellish spree

Banished and all alone
Strapped down in invisible chains
Vanished from the world
held by invisible chains

We’ve severed the ties the define our kind
For an illusion, created by the blind
Blood brothers that we don’t recognize
Humanity at her demise


Life in a maze the choice you made
In a cubicle, you rot away
You hide away, your so afraid
Forever you’ll be, the system’s prey


Break away from monotony
Make your mark in history
This is not how it should be

Break away from monotony
Make your mark in history
Man is born to be free

Break away from monotony
Make your mark in history
Break the chains of society
Track Name: Save Me
Save Me

How do you think I feel?
When I see nothing beautiful
How do you think I feel?
When I say nothing truthful

A world misguided, a world divided
Honesty silenced, mankind Collided

How do I know whats real?
When all I see is shaded
How do I know what’s real?
When all I see has faded

Savor the tears, savor your fears
They’ll keep you solace when the end is near

The sorrow, the pain
The anguish inane
Save me the tears
The scars won’t heal

Save me from myself
Don’t let me die
Track Name: Liberation
A fleeting glance, at the dawn of the year
A circumstance, sprung from fear
Life crashes, in front of my eyes
Life clashes, innocence dies

They have tried to break me
They have tried to tear me apart
They have tried to kill me
They have tried break my heart
They have tried and failed

Dampened skin, with swollen misty eyes
I hold her close, she silently cries
Her hopes are gone, they slipped slip away
She rises up, I see her smile decay

They have tried to break her
They have tried to tear her apart
They have tried to kill her
They have tried break her heart
They have tried and failed

With a prayer and the will to survive
With will power, the dream is revived
With this foundation, we can clearly see
With this liberation, we become free

They won’t win and break us
They won’t win and tear us apart
They can’t win and kill us
They won’t win and break our heart
They can’t win, They’ve failed
Track Name: The Union
The Union

A childhood plagued with abandonment
Another with suicide
A life once lived with resentment
With nowhere to run and hide

Pre Chorus 1
In loathing, the inexplicable is sane
In mourning, comes the destruction of the brain

The determination to kill and be killed
The lust will be fulfilled

A demonic union made in hell
A symbiosis, so complete
A crime committed, as darkness fell
The animal lust so replete

Pre Chorus 2
In my eyes, fascinating death burns inside
Shivers and sighs, the whole world cast aside


What pushes us to the extreme
Is the fear of being alone
To act and commit the obscene
And ones again be reborn

Pre Chorus 2

Track Name: In Hell
In Hell

Beyond the gates, I’ll take you where the voices call
Beyond the gates, I’ll take you where I stand tall

Beyond the grave, he’ll take you where your soul will cry
Beyond the grave, he’ll take you where your soul will die

Where am I, don’t know this place
Who are you, can’t see your face

This is the place, as you see, where I rule as king
This is the place where angels have two Broken wings

This is the hell where you’ll live forevermore
This is the hell where his voice forever roars

Why I’m here, please answer me
Who are you, just let me see
I’m your faults and your mistakes
I have earned your soul to take

I don’t want to live in here
The choice is made for you, my dear
Please God help me now
No god can help, to me you’ll bow
Track Name: Betrayal of God
The Betrayal Of God

“My son, my son
What have you done”

I’ve created beauty
For all to receive
I’ve created harmony
But you’ve deceived

Bridge 1
And you’ve betrayed
And you’ve denied
And you’ve obeyed
The devil’s lies

You’ve shattered my kingdom
For your selfish greed
Disobeyed my wisdom
And plant the evil seed

Bridge 2
And now you pay
And now you die
No time to pray
No time to cry

With war and hate
You’ve sealed your fate
You’ve wrecked and abolished my proud creation
With sorrow and fear
With pain ad tears
You are awaiting Damnation

In your madness and derision
You betrayed my trust
Following your ambition
You succumbed to your lust

Bridge 1


Into the black hole, of deception
Into the black hole, no redemption
Into the black hole, kingdom of the fallen
Into the black hole, Your master’s calling

“My son, my son
What have you done”