A Eulogy

by Greyfade

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This is my first attempt to record with keyboards as a main instrument, as opposed to guitars.
I did not write or prepare the music prior to recording the song. I just picked up the lyrics, opened up my laptop and the recording program, played the first 2 chords on the keyboard and from then, the music just poured out ... One of these magical ( and morbid) moments

The song is meant to be sung in a " spoken word manner", as if someone is reading a eulogy in a funeral.

The song is inspired by an explosion that took place in Lebanon and took the life of a political figure there. While watching the news that followed, and the chaos that was created by the explosion, I felt that Lebanon had died and was reduced to mere ash and debris.

This is the Eulogy written to my homeland


Today with deep sorrow
We mourn your death
My dear homeland
you will be missed
A cancer from within
has spoiled your loins
My dear homeland
you fathered an ungrateful breed

A prelude to war
The Martyrdom of innocence
Mothers gather your black veils
Children say goodbye to clear skies
Rain of lead
Seas of red
Ashen Land
Hell on earth

You will not rest in peace
Your scars will bleed forever
Your soul will not be spared
The shadow of death will haunt you forever

Today with deep sorrow
We mourn our death


released March 19, 2014
Music/Lyrics: Fadi

Keyboards/Vocals/Production: Fadi



all rights reserved


Greyfade Dubai, UAE

Fadi Helou:

Born in Lebanon on August, 05, 1981.

lived in Beirut, Lebanon.

Currently lives in Dubai, UAE.

Greyfade is born of a passion, a want, and, most importantly, a need to play music.

Welcome to the Greyfade family.

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